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. . . W a l k wwinto a Spaces For Peace site and you are drawn into a
         landscape, punctuated by beautiful glass walls, (laminated glass,
              developed for earthquake and hurricane prone areas)
                  a material that
transmits, refracts and plays with light,

                      layered glass, which is digitally inscribed with writings by authors
                          communicating the
ethos of peace, the philosophy and logic

                              of active-nonviolence, and ways of life beyond racism.
       And, imprinted with images of translucent color-drawings, painting,   
           photography, sculpture.
And, so that the visual, and auditory texts
               change with time: GPS/wi-fi digital imagery,
music, and poetry, and      
                    on-site live
cultural programming by local organizations of
                         performance, film festivals, yoga, dance, etc.-all in the spirit of
                              an energy infused with positive movement towards the future
                                  all in the spirit of a
society investing itself in the practical  
                                      tools for a
coolheaded approach to civic dialogue




Great books on peace and the wrongs of prejudice don’t reach the masses. All of the important work by thousands of peace and social justice organizations is barely visible. So much of what is learned by one generation about love as intention, human connection and peace are often unlearned by the next generation.

How do we erase bigotry? How do we communicate the costs of war to more people and introduce the many viable alternatives? What is the toll of racism on its victims and, as well, on all of society? When will we begin to venture beyond our small social circles, across color; across the generation divide; across the income divide? How do we keep the message of nonviolence more present in our minds How do we evoke compassion and open mindedness? How do we renew human meaning and establish reverence for humankind? How do we make it a quality, long-lasting assertion to reflect upon?

How do we change the texture of public space?

                                            . . . of civic dialog?



Spaces For Peace collaborates with communities to build open-structure art spaces, which educate the public to peace, social constructions of race, and the nonviolent way of life

Unless otherwise noted, © 2006, All Rights Reserved, Spaces For Peace, Providence, RI, USA