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    Spaces For Peace cannot exist without your generosity!

    You can put your convictions into action

    by inviting potential stakeholders for your local Spaces For Peace presentation

    call 401.831.3388



    You can also give regularly by becoming a sustaining member with a monthly promise


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Dear Spaces For Peace supporter: 

Peace is an investment, just like any other.  A nation at peace can focus its energies on building its infrastructure, becoming the envy of the world.  What country would not want to imitate democracy IF we had the best health care, the best quality of life, the healthiest food, the cleanest air, the most abundant mutual respect among our citizens, the most productive and well-rewarded workers of world. 

This is all possible when peace is the economic engine!

Spaces For Peace is currently accepting donations to move our mission forward. By raising $800,000 in 2007, Spaces For Peace will pay staff and fund initial architectural studies for the first Spaces For Peace site in the world!

Your contribution is critical during this early fragile stage of our existence

    $10       will pay for postage for 24 letters: 24 poets? 24 sculptors? whose works to include into a site!

    $25       will buy a cartridge of computer ink, allowing us to generate letters of invitation to authors, artists                               and potential stakeholders!

    $50       will pay the phone bill to keep in contact with our artists, authors, and stakeholders!

    $100     will pay for a nonviolence training session for our volunteer designers

    $200+   will provide staff-time to move the mission forward in numerous ways by contributing to:

        • paying our architects and engineers involved in building the Spaces For Peace sites;
        • researching and selecting the written excerpts to be included in the Spaces For Peace sites;
        • designing the graphics which will lend excitement to our spaces;
        • developing relations with philanthropists who make the building of the Spaces For Peace sites possible!

By sponsoring a Spaces For Peace site, or a portion thereof, your name will

be aesthetically integrated into a Spaces For Peace site for decades to come



                                                Sponsorship opportunities 

In Memoriam options are also available. 

     $250             Adopt-a-flagstone

     $1,000          Adopt-a-quote pays for the inscribing of one quote into an architectural element

     $2,500          Adopt-a-theme supports for the 250 hours of research and development for a thematic component of     your choice (see “Design Your Own” tab on our website)


     $5,000          Adopt-a-uniquely designed bench

     $10,000        Adopt-a-sculptural light feature


     $25,000        Adopt-an-artist makes possible the inclusion of one artist’s work.  (You may select an artist of your     choice on the list on our website)


     $50,000        Adopt-one-half-of-one glass panel or an entire seating area

     $100,000      Adopt-one glass panel

     $150,000      Adopt-a Zen-inspired garden area

     $175,000      Adopt-one water feature or fire feature

     $250,000      Adopt-three glass panels

     $350,000      Adopt-an “Active Circle” (symbolizing active nonviolence) (see concept drawing above)

     $4,500,000   Adopt-one (medium size) entire site

     $8,000,000   Adopt-two entire (medium size) sites (in close proximity or geographically distant)

     For national and international recognition, you can also sponsor our technical support guidebook "How To Introduce A      Public Spaces For Peace Project To Your Community" which goes to each of our collaborating communities all over the      world engaged in the process of a Spaces For Peace.


Donation or sponsorship questions:

To distinguish your e-mail from spam please type the word "inquiry" into the subject line donate@spacesforpeace.org or call 401.831.3388




We rely on the personal generosity of individuals like you to move forward this completely new approach to creating a culture of peace which expands the awareness of the creative, and powerful methodology and vocabulary of nonviolence, and of peaceable ways of living from around the world.

If your donation is tax-deductible for you, write a check to Namaskar India (Our 2007 fiscal sponsor) and write "for: Spaces For Peace" on the memo line at the bottom left of your check.

If you will not use your donation as a tax-deduction, you may write your check directly to Spaces For Peace.

Please fill out our simple on-line form belowand make a meaningful donation, enabling Spaces For Peace to bring a culture of peace to neighborhoods and cities across the United States and around the world.

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." -Albert Schweitzer

Most truly yours,

Anne "Ahni" Rocheleau
Founder and Director
Spaces For Peace



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Many companies offer matching gift programs to promote charitable giving. Many programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will double or triple the amount of your contribution. 

Contact your employer to find out if your company will match gifts to Namaskar India (the fiscal sponsor of Spaces For Peace), and request their matching gift form. Send the form with your donation to:

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